About Just the Facts Media

JtFM's mission is to provide accurate and comprehensive information about local government and issues on Long Island.

the first step

JtFM completed it's first goal in January 2016 by setting up a website that provides basic information about the Town of Hempstead Government. This information includes an archive of Town Board meetings and Financial Information. The meeting archive provides unedited videos, the agenda, and minutes of Town Board meetings. The financial document archive include the Town's Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (or CAFR's, which are yearly independent audits) and the Town's budgets documents.

the next step

JtFM is always adding information to enhance it's current repository of facts. In the near future JtFM plans to provide an archive of spending information by the Town of Hempstead, including items that are not generally known by residents. These items include things like spending on Town mailings, park repairs, and the use of outside legal counsel.

future steps, tomorrow and beyond

JtFM plans to adds to its repository facts about other municipalities on Long Island and beyond. With the help of citizens dedicated to transparency in government, JtFM will provide free web space and technical support to host fact-based information.

get involved, or give a suggestion

Want to help JtFM meet it's goals, or have a suggestion to improve the site, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]